In PE the focus in Reception and Key Stage One are the core skills of balance, throwing, catching and the basic elements of competing in a Team. In Lower Key Stage Two the accent on completion is more pronounced and this will be done through Hocky, Football, Athletics, Tag Rugby and Netball. All of these sports are taken on a stage further, within a competitive environment in Upper Key Stage Two.  The children receive professional coaching provided by PH Sports.

The School participates in inter-school competitions in Football, Tag Rugby and Netball. Children swim from Reception and spend one morning each week for one term of the year at Devizes leisure centre to do this.

General fitness is cultivated in Upper Key Stage Two with a cross country run every Friday afternoon. Outdoor pursuits, more generally, are encouraged with residential visits to two centres in Wales – Danywennalt and Pencelli which offer a full range of outward bound activities.