Pupil Premium

The following summary identifies how the funding provided to the school is used to support eligible pupils in the broadest context.


Total in 2016/17 budget is:

£10,560 - Free School Meals

£300 - Service Children


The school accepts that this support may also be of benefit to the wider pupil population of the school.

1. Provision and intervention

  • Regular Pupil Progress Meetings - this ensures that the children are receiving the correct provision to enable them to access the National Curriculum.
  • Intervention provided by SENCO and trained Teaching Assistants - supporting children 1:1 or in small groups during the afternoons.

  • Specialist resources, equipment and software to allow children to access the National Curriculum
  • Laptops/ iPads and apps for individual children who have specific needs.
  • Pastoral Counselling - to help the children over come emotional and behavioural difficulties
  • Training of staff on how best to support children with additional needs

2.  Extra curricular

  • Outdoor learning programme
  • Themed days designed to broaden the experiences of the children
  • Providing additional funding for residential trips and other school trips, for those experiencing financial difficulties.
  • Funding coaching in certain sports.
  • To provide resources to support enrichment groups

Pupil Premium Funding Analysis 2016-17