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Our first job is to ensure the safety of our children. Safegaurding is more than just 'keeping an eye'; it means being proactive in ensuring that the school community, in its entirety, operates in a way that ensures children are safe from harm and flourish, physically, emotionally and mentally. This does not mean that there should be complete avoidance of risk, indeed, understanding risk, quantifying it and being able to overcome it is a key part of learning. Obvious examples of this are outward bound activities.

Below are some key details and policies that help you understand how we go about safeguarding at Keevil:

  • Appointed person (to whom any incident should be reported): Max Burr, who is also the PREVENT Co-ordinator
  • Deputy Appointed Person: Maria O Brien
  • Safeguarding Governor: Ron Lester
  • The Single Central Record that holds the details, particularly Criminal Record Bureau checks is monitored weekly.
  • All staff are trained from Level 1 to Level 3 in Safeguarding
  • The Child protection and Safeguarding policies are in the policies section of this web site which can be accessed through the red 'Parent Area' tab.
  • In the weekly staff briefing 'Safeguarding' is a recurrent agenda item, as it is at all Governor meetings.



Click here to view our Child Protection Policy