Academy Councillors

The Academy Council operates as a sub-committee of The Acorn Education Trust Board of Trustees.

As a member of the Academy Council their role is to both support and challenge the school by asking questions to help investigate how the school is progressing. 

 Much like a Governing Body, the Academy Council’s role is to:

  • Ensure your children learn in a safe environment and to the maximum of their ability
  • Ensure clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
  • Hold the Head to account for the educational performance of the Academy and its students
  • Promote the safety and wellbeing of students including behaviour, discipline and attendance.
  • Mrs Hannah Wright

    Co-Chair of Academy Council

  • Mr Ben Gunstone

    Co-Chair of Academy Council

  • Mrs Lindsey Hermon

    Head Teacher

  • Mrs Maria O'Brien

    Academy Councillor

  • Ms Joscelyne Shaw

    Academy Councillor

  • Mr Ian Firth

    Academy Councillor

  • Rev Jake Eggertsen

    Academy Councillor

  • Mr Ollie McAninch

    Academy Councillor

Please see the link below for more information on membership and meeting attendance of Keevil Church of England Academy Council:

Keevil Church of England Academy Council Register

For the names of Trustees and Directors of Acorn Education Trust and their business and pecuniary interests:

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