Art and Design

Art and D.T. are taught through our creative curriculum and are planned into our 2 year cycle. This means where possible these lessons are made more meaningful because they link with other areas of learning. For example in Science we may learn about healthy eating and in D.T. we may design and make a vegetable soup or fruit smoothies. In History we may be learning about the Great fire of London, in Art we will create collage of a London scene on fire and in D &T we will design and make a cart model to carry all Samuel Pepys’ possessions to safety.

We also use computer software to create digital artwork.
In addition to this we have had ‘Arts Week’ where the whole school worked in mixed aged house groups. We invited local artists in to inspire pupils and work with them using a range of media. All the art created that week was celebrated in a whole school public exhibition where every pupil had the opportunity to take home their own framed picture.
Whatever the time of year you will see Keevil Academy displaying a variety of artwork throughout the classrooms and corridors.