Autumn Class


Diligence, Communication, Problem Solving, Teamwork, Learning, Resilience


Welcome to Autumn Class

Year Groups: 5 and 6

Class teacher: Mr McCaldon

Class Teaching Assistants: Mrs Stainer and Mrs Wright



School Closure

Please find work to do at home below. Check back regularly for updates.

If school continues to be closed AFTER Easter check the website for daily maths, English, Reading and other activities. 

These activities will be available for your children to print off and complete or work from the screen in their home learning book.


Please download the Home Learning pack for some ideas of what to do at home with your child.

We recommend that you encourage your child to complete the following each day:

Reading - 20 minutes 

Children should spend at least 20 minutes each day reading a book of their choice. This can be independent reading or shared reading with an adult or a sibling. Use some of the resources in your learning pack to enhance their learning.

Spelling - 10 minutes 

Children should continue to learn how to read and spell words from the year 3/4 spelling list, find out what they mean and then write sentences using the words. You will find a copy of the spelling list on the website.

Maths Activity - 30 minutes a day

There are many Maths activities you could do with your child. Please encourage them to vary the type of activity so they are getting a good balance of different Maths skills. It would be really beneficial if you could spend some time covering the following areas: 

  • Times tables are key to good progression in maths. The children can use Time Table  Rock Star, sing along with YouTube or make their own games using times tables.
  • Secure their skills of addition, subtraction , multiplication and division. 
  • Telling the time  both analogue and digital. Also working out time elapsed
  • Working on SATs booster booklets and other problem solving questions
  • See School closer document below for more ideas.
Writing activity 30 minutes a day
  • See School closure document below for ideas and resources for writing.

Activities to promote positive health and well-being

It is really important during this time of change that we do our best to ensure that the children's mental health and well-being remains positive, as some will really struggle with the change in daily routine. Please encourage your children to spend time everyday doing activities that promote positive health and well-being. Below are some ideas:

  •          Be outside
  •          Play
  •          Art - colour, paint, draw, get creative
  •          Music - singing, playing, listening
  •          Gardening
  •          Exercise
  •          Cooking
  •          Doing kind things for others  
  •          Reading

Playtime/Breaktime/Time outside

It is important that children have time during the day to relax and to play. Please encourage them to GO OUTSIDE rather than staying indoors all day. Time outside is essential for their health and well-being. 

This term we are reading a variety of Greek Myths.
Autumn class were invited to attend Salisbury Cathedral, to celebrate 50 years of Christingle. 
Today we had a visitor come in and deliver a Science Lesson related to our topic 'Forces and Friction' The children were creating  and flying 'O wings'. The children tested them and discussed the variables and how these impacted our results.
Below you can find some useful information that can help you when working at home...