Our Curriculum

'We presume children to achieve their very best. Children will leave this school as the very best readers, mathematicians and writers they can be, combined with an understanding of health and fitness in mind and body. This can only happen if a love of learning for learning sake is fostered. This happens through great teachers and other school staff who are motivated, challenged and valued'
Max Burr

The basis of our academic curriculum comes from what is specified by the government through the National Curriculum. However, we try to personalise and enhance this, such that children are learning and developing our Keevil Characteristics (Resilience, Diligence, Problem-Solving, Communication, Learning and Team-Work) whilst they are acquiring knowledge and understanding in different subject areas. We also endeavour to ensure that we provide a depth and breadth to each topic through visits, trips and visitors to school.

 You will find the details of our curriculum offer in the documents below. Due to our mixed-age classes we operate a 2 year cycle. Please bear in mind that these are 'working' documents, as we are continually trying to improve what we offer to our children.