Forest School

During Forest School we thrive to give all our children the opportunity to build on their own self-esteem and self-confidence within a safe and nurturing surrounding.
Our Aims:
To ensure an understanding of our beautiful environment.
To support every child to become the very best they can be.
To develop team work.
To support independence.
To encourage a healthier life style and body.
All of our sessions are tailored to the needs, abilities and age of every child. Each session contains a starter activity, a main activity, a slot for free play, a drink and snack and finally an evaluation of the session. 
Each class is split into two groups, KS1 receiving 2 sessions and KS2 receiving 3. Each term there are two extra sessions which take place during super golden time. These sessions will run from 12pm until 3pm and will have more in depth activities and a 'special' camp fire lunch will be provided.
A big thank you to everyone who has helped get our Forest School up and running! Especially to FOKS for providing the funding for our supplies, to Mr and Mrs Clifford for building our wonderful mud kitchen and finally to all our parents for contributing to our resources and for supporting us.
  • Ms Clare Ritchens

    Forest School Assistant