Languages form part of the national curriculum from Key Stage 2. At Keevil, we are in the happy position to be able to offer French from Reception onwards. Learning a language from an early age has been shown to improve cognitive function, creativity, problem solving and multi-tasking skills. It also enables a better grasp of one’s own language and builds confidence.


French is taught every week to each class using a scheme of work specifically designed to allow all children to access the language and to enable Year 6 pupils to transition smoothly and continue to develop their language skills at secondary school.


We cover a wide variety of different topics and all children are encouraged to join in with speaking activities. Lessons are planned to encourage all learners to benefit and enjoy the subject and include many different styles of tasks such as smart board activities, stories in French, role play and games.


Children are eager to participate in front of the whole class and demonstrate their newly acquired skills. From Year 3, pupils are given exercise books to record vocabulary, try written tasks and enhance their learning of the language.