July 2023

1st July 2023
Circus Skills Worshop
 The whole school got to take part in a treat today with an amazing circus skills instructor who gave them the opportunity to explore new skills and activities. Despite the soggy weather we managed to find shelter to enjoy the sessions!
July 4th 
It’s that time of year where our oldest children in school start looking ahead to their future. Our Year 5 children are in and out of school taking part in different taster days at the local secondary schools whilst our Year 6 children are busy with the transition days at their chosen schools. It’s a bitter sweet time for the staff in school, a balance between being excited for their new adventures and being sad to see them move on all at the same time.
Below is the most recent SEND Newsletter.
What fun Summer Class had today conducting their Science experiment trying to replicate the human digestive system… Bowl- mouth Food - weetabix Scissors- incisors Water- saliva Fork/potato masher- molars Then mush and add in the Plastic bag - stomach. ...add enzymes and acid squeeze it together. Then empty stomach into the small intestine (tights) to remove excess water...out comes faeces... Pupils should be taught to: describe the simple functions of the basic parts of the digestive system in humans.