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Welcome to the Lockdown Library!

 We want to make sure pupils are still reading for pleasure during lockdown – as we know how much regular reading habits can positively impact on children’s attainment in school.

Why is reading for pleasure important in lockdown?

  • Research shows that reading for fun improves children’s literacy – reading for enjoyment will support the literacy teaching your child is receiving remotely.
  • For relaxation and to ‘switch off’ - audiobooks can be a good break for the eyes as well!
  • For escapism – even young children are aware that this is a strange and worrying time. Books can provide a welcome escape into another world.


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How can I support my child’s reading?

  • Keep a reading routine in place where you listen to your child read, or read to them.
  • Take advantage of all the amazing free reading resources online during the lockdown!
  • Encourage children to switch off devices half an hour before they go to bed, and read instead. It’s a habit, and they only need 10-20 minutes a night regularly. Start with shorter times if needed. Taking away the blue light will also ensure that your child gets better quality sleep.
  • Use rewards to help motivate your child to read if they are reluctant, and praise and encourage them as they read.
  • Let them listen to audio books as an alternative.
  • Don’t discourage them from reading non-fiction, comics or magazines – everything helps.
  • Let them reread old favourites as well as age-appropriate reads.
  • Let them use the internet to engage in being enthusiastic about books: https://www.beano.com/categories/books is a good place to start!
  • Ask them about their reading—especially if they are reading independently now. Get them to read their favourite bit to you. Ask them questions about what they think will happen next. Borrow their books and read them and then discuss them.
  • Read with TRUST: a useful poster to suggest how to talk to your child about their reading: https://educationendowmentfoundation.org.uk/public/files/Publications/Covid-19_Resources/Resources_for_schools/Reading_with_TRUST_comic.pdf
  • Talk to your child about your reading habits, or books you enjoyed at their age.
  • Help them with reading home learning by checking they understand the words, directing them to a dictionary to check unfamiliar words, getting them to read it to you or summarise it for you.
  • Get them to make a reading den—somewhere cosy and small where they can enjoy reading. Lots of ideas here.
  • https://researchrichpedagogies.org/research/supporting-rah  more helpful tips for parents
  • https://literacytrust.org.uk/family-zone/ - Is full of ideas to help you support children from babies up to 11 year old children with literacy at home - includes downloadable resources, video clips, recommended websites and apps. 

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What to read next?

  •  Looking for book recommendations for children who have been hooked in by a particular series or author and are ready to branch out? From Harry Potter and Tom Gates to Rainbow Magic and The Worst Witch – these posters suggest what to read next https://www.booksfortopics.com/branching-out