'We presume children will achieve their very best. Children will leave this school as the very best, readers, mathematicians and writers that they can be...'


This statement determines everything we do at Keevil Academy. Maths is taught as a progression beginning in the Foundation Stage where the children work to achieve 'Early Learning Goals' in number, progressing to the upper juniors who are developing skills to take them on to secondary school. This progression involves the children learning a range of methods and strategies to answer a range of mathematical questions and also to develop a level of oracy which enables a child to explain their think when solving mathematical problems. A range of methods are used to engage and enthuse the children in the subject, for example giving a practical application for use of maths such as 'Who stole the Cookies from the cookie jar?' Where children solve maths calculations to break the code to discover the culprit.

In key stage 1 and 2 our teaching is informed by the National Curriculum 2014 which separates maths into a number of sections. These are: Number, Measure, Geometry, Statistics, and in the upper juniors Ratio and Proportion.

In year 1 children are developing recall of number facts which will be the foundation blocks upon which the rest of maths is built and is therefore very important. Times tables begin to be taught in year 2 and this process continues into year3/4. Hopefully by this time the children are then ready to apply their knowledge.
Maths homework is set for both Key stage 1 and 2 children although the form it take varies. In key stage 1 the children are set the challenge of learning their number bonds to 20, whereas in the juniors homework takes a more formal form in weekly homework. Although times table challenge takes place weekly throughout the junior classes.