Maths Learning at Home

As children’s learning in maths progresses, and methods and concepts become increasingly complex, children can be hampered from achieving all they are capable of if they are unable to rapidly recall basic number facts.  Having automaticity of number knowledge means that children can focus on applying multi-step calculation strategies and solving problems, rather than getting stuck on trying to calculate the answer to each small sum along the way.  Anything you can do at home to help children learn, practice and recall simple addition and subtraction number facts and times tables will help their maths learning and performance in school considerably.

In school we use the weekly 99 Club challenge to help children practice and master number facts.  In Years 1 and 2, this is focused on addition and subtraction facts.  In Years 3 and 4 on learning all the times tables up to 12x12.  In Years 5 and 6 the focus is on using and applying times table knowledge.  The documents below show the progression that these challenges take.

It is important that children can recall these facts in different contexts.  Therefore in Years 1 and 2 children have log-ins to the online learning platform NumBots, and from Year 3 upwards they can access Times Table Rockstars online.  If your child does not know their log-in details please contact us in school regarding this. 

The following packs also give further ideas of how to support your child’s learning of the times tables at home.

Knowledge of how children best learn and develop a deep understanding of maths has progressed significantly in recent years.  This means that methods and language children use in maths now can differ greatly from how parents, carers and other family members were taught when they were at school.  The following guides produced by White Rose (the scheme our maths curriculum is based on) can help you to understand what and how your child is learning maths in school.