October 2019

1st October 2019

Inter-House Art Competition

This month the first inter-house competition came to an end and we saw a huge 58 entries, from delicate sketching and painting to 3D models and canvases. It is fair to say the children have done themselves proud! It has been lovely to see the children show such excitement for the competition and we have been overwhelmed with the children’s enthusiasm. All the adults in school cast their vote for their favourite three pieces in each key stage which in turn gave us our winners:

Key Stage 1
First place: Bertie Steptoe (Y1, Harriers)
Second place: Evelyn Steel (Y2, Kestrals)
Third place: Edmund Smurthwaite (Y1, Ospreys)

Key Stage 2
First place: Harry Dolan (Y4, Kestrals)
Joint second place: Ela Jonik (Y4, Buzzards) and Ffion Shorto-Heard (Y6, Ospreys)
Joint third place: Nieve Bittner  (Y4, Ospreys)  and Felix Woodland (Y4, Kestrals)

All children that entered received 5 house points for their house as well as sharing their creation in worship. The competition has really shaken up the house point scores for this term so watch this space for the house winners!

Miss Mortimer

Year 5 & 6 Pencelli Residential Trip

Autumn class had a brilliant week in Pencelli! All of the children had a great time and were really pushed out their comfort zone. When we arrived in Pencelli, the children had to very quickly unpack and get themselves prepared for their days activity, adventure walking. During the week, the children to part in a variety of challenging tasks: Gorge walking, caving, canoeing, climbing, dingle descent, orienteering and a scavenger hunt. Throughout every task, the children worked extremely hard and really pushed themselves. It was a pleasure to watch them grow with confidence and as people, completing not only physical challenges but also chores and domestic tasks around the house. Every member of staff at Keevil was full of praise for everyone and we were very proud of everything they achieved. Well done Autumn class.

Mr McCaldon