October News

3rd October 2018

Year 3 Outward Bound Day at Brokerswood

On Monday 1st October the Year 3 children had a very exciting day! We arrived at school for 8am ready to go to Brokerswood. We canoed together, made our own fires and had a go at archery whilst developing our problem solving and teamwork skills as a year group. It was a really amazing day with lots of tired but smiley children.

Danywenallt Residential Trip

Here is what two of the Year 4 children who went to Danywenallt said about their residential trip:

We set of at about 9:15am to Danywenallt. It was a 2 hour journey we were very tired because we had to wake up very early. When we got there we had our packed lunch. After we went into the dining room and learned all the rules. Then we played a few games. We also found out our rooms. Then we made our mammal traps. Then we set our mammal traps in the orchard and by the wall. After we went into the lounge and talked about what we might catch in the morning.

On Thursday morning we checked our mammal traps and had caught 1x bank vole and 2x yellow necked wood mice. Then Logan arrived ready for our hike. We walked up Tor y Foel and saw some amazing views it took us 5 hours and our feet were hurting. After tea we had a shower and spent our pocket money.

On Friday we had to pack and tidy our rooms before we went Geocaching. We found 5 caches. After pulling our suitcases all the way to the bus we chilled out on the bus and some people fell asleep.


By Logan Bittner and Emily Edgington