Phonics and Reading Schemes


Phonics is taught throughout Keevil Academy using 'Letters and Sounds'. This is a scheme used nationally. In the Foundation Stage this is supported with 'Jolly Phonics.' 
During Year 1 all children will sit a phonics check set by the Government. This will check their recognition of all the phonics sounds through reading real and alien words.  Many of our reading schemes are based on phonic decoding.
At Keevil Church of England Academy we use a wide variety of reading schemes and different authors to support pupils with their reading skills. This is because all children learn to read in different ways and like different books so we have many schemes intermixed with each other. This helps if a child doesn’t like a particular style of book because in no time they are onto the next ‘set’ which belong to a different publisher. We have books that focus on Key words which can only be read by sight recognition and we have others that are written so pupils can use their sounds to read them. We even have books with no words at all so that pupils can begin to understand stories through observing the illustrations and discussing these with their parents.
Below are some of the reading schemes we have in Key Stage 1:
Oxford Reading Tree, Big Cat Phonics, Ginn, Story World, Rigby Star, Songbirds, Sunshine Spirals, Phonics Bug, Rhyme World, All Aboard.
Some useful phonics websites