Term 3 Inter-House Activity 2020/2021

This term for our inter house activity there is a theme of ‘Under the Sea’.


Within this you are free to go down a path of your choice depending on your interests and strengths. You could:

·do a drawing or sketch
·produce a piece of art work 2D or 3D
·write a poem
·write a story
·create an information piece
·a research project
·write a song
·produce a film

You have until the end of term 3 to send your entries in and see how many house points you can earn as a team. Each entry will receive 5 house points. You can check back to the house point page on the website to see how the houses are doing and to see work from other children.

Send your entries to em@Keevil.wilts.sch.uk

Harriers- 30
Buzzards- 30
Ospreys- 20
Kestrels- 45