Winter Class

Diligence, Communication, Problem-Solving, Teamwork, Learning, Resilience 
Welcome to Winter Class
Reception & Year 1 
We have Phonics, English and Math's every day. We have PE and Music every Wednesday.
This Term we will be doing Science and RE with Miss Ashdown and History and Art with Miss Robinson.
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Phonics & English
We follow the Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Phonics scheme to teach our daily phonics. We have daily sessions for both Reception and year 1. 
Jolly Learning - Phonics - phonics
E-Safety:  thinkuknow & Kidsmart
At Keevil we encourage cursive writing right from the start. Although it looks complicated, it is actually much easier because all the lower case letters start with a dot on the line. This will later help the children to join their letters (a Year 2 expectation) with ease and without learning different letter movements. We encourage all writing to be in lower case form to begin with, not capital letters. Guidance can be found below along with some other some useful websites to help with your learning at home:
We have daily Math's teaching and  have been practicing our Place Value knowledge and comparing, combining and adding number and groups of objects together. 
EYFS Documents
We use the Interactive Learning Journey software 'Tapestry' to assist and assess recording of each Reception child's progress towards the Early Learning Goals. Tapestry allows children, parents and teachers to work closely together. Parents can access the Tapestry log-in page by clicking on: