Winter Class

Diligence, Communication, Problem-Solving, Teamwork, Learning, Resilience 
Welcome to Winter Class
Year Groups:  Reception and Year 1 
Class Teacher: Miss E Robinson and Mrs L Brown
Teaching Assistant : Miss D
Learning from Home
Well done to everyone who has logged in and sent me the lovely work you have been doing! I hope you have found everything you need and have a routine that suits you. Please do not worry if the activity doesn't quite go the way you hoped or for whatever reason didn't happen at all, (even teachers have those days, I promise!) we all have different things happening at the moment and we can all only do our best! If you manage nothing else daily reading will be the best thing you can do at home, you reading, them reading, it doesn't matter, all reading is good! If you want to add your own things, or change my suggestions to suit you that is not a problem at all and I am  happy for you to upload that instead! Remember if you have any problems logging in my email is in the newsletter and help you log in or answer questions! 

Miss Robinson.
Hi everyone, just a quick message to let you know I will now be testing the children (who are in) on a Thursday afternoon. I will send you a message if they pass. I have uploaded a document with ALL the key words on.
Keep Smiling :)
Miss D
Phonics & English
We follow the Letters and Sounds pattern of sounds and Reception are using Phase 2 and 3 Sounds in their work while Year one are introducing Phase 5 sounds into their writing. Practicing these sounds, spotting them in books or even on the telly will all help children learn them. Read and share as many books as you can and encourage children to write simple sentences using words that can be created from the sounds they are learning. Below are some activities you can down load and some traditional stories you can read to your children - use the comprehension questions as ideas to talk about to get them thinking about what the characters are doing and feeling.  The link below has some free games that will use some of these skills:
Reception are using numbers to 20 and growing their confidence in counting forwards and backwards and finding totals  while Year one have been thinking about fractions and counting in steps of 2,5 and 10. Encourageyour children to count and play games that involve turn taking and rolling dice. Use playing cards and look for pairs that match or make a totals. Build Lego towers and count the bricks or measure the sofa in book lengths, everything will help them to practice their number skills. The link below has some good free games that use their number skills:
During Term 4 WInter class have been exploring stories that have journeys in them and thinking about the different ways the characters travel. These books have included:
10 Little Rubber Ducks - Eric Carle
Lost and Found - Oliver Jeffers
The Way Back Home - Oliver Jeffers
Amelia Earhart -  Isabel Sanchez Vegara

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Our Learning Environment
General Resources
We use the Interactive Learning Journey software 'Tapestry' to assist and assess recording of each Reception child's progress towards the Early Learning Goals. Tapestry allows children, parents and teachers to work closely together. Parents can access the Tapestry log-in page by clicking on:
Jolly Learning - Phonics - phonics
E-Safety:  thinkuknow & Kidsmart
At Keevil we encourage cursive writing right from the start. Although it looks complicated, it is actually much easier because all the lower case letters start with a dot on the line. This will later help the children to join their letters (a Year 2 expectation) with ease and without learning different letter movements. We encourage all writing to be in lower case form to begin with, not capital letters. Guidance can be found below along with some other some useful websites to help with your learning at home:
EYFS Documents