Our ethos and values

In the story of the Good Samaritan we come to understand how someone reached out and gave all he could to someone to whom he could have turned his back. As a pupil and member of staff at Keevil we are defined by this message, above all.

We are defined by values of tolerance, courtesy, fairness, and respect for one other. These lead to motivation for service and commitment to society, both within and beyond our school. For this reason we have taken Jesus' summary as our principle of life in Keevil school:

"Always treat others as you would like them to treat you"
(Matthew 7:12)

We presume children to achieve their very best. Children will leave this school as the very best Readers, Mathematicians, and Writers that they can be, combined with an understanding of health and fitness in mind and body. This can only happen if a love of learning for learning’s sake is fostered. This happens through great teachers and other school staff who are motivated, challenged and valued.

It is a failure if we are only producing children who are able academically; parents who are the centre of a child’s life, must be supported by the school in helping their child be confident, by providing something, be it a club or a subject, that enables their child to understand and feel success. We will enable children to reflect on their actions, good and bad and understand consequence and the importance of doing good. By going through this process children will also develop self awareness and an understanding of how they can always improve and reach beyond perceived barriers. To achieve this level of self awareness children will develop skills that enable them to excel at behaving and communicating, by both listening and speaking, always, in a spirit of respect for others and themselves. It is vital, always that children are able to turn perceived weakness in to actual strength. All of this will lead to an inner confidence which, more than anything else will enable a child, in their future, to overcome and to flourish.

A child’s future, after the pivotal role of the parent, is defined by the Primary years of Education. We are absolutely clear, at Keevil, how this should be done.