At Keevil CofE Academy we believe that it is important for all children to learn the basics of speaking, listening, reading and writing a modern foreign language.  Learning a language from an early age has been shown to improve cognitive function, creativity, problem solving and multi-tasking skills. It also enables a better grasp of one’s own language and builds confidence.  It helps to develop children's curiosity and understanding of the wider world.  Through learning about other cultures children can appreciate similarities and what draws us all together as people.

Our curriculum is organised as a progression which facilitates the re-visiting of learning through recurrent themes, such that knowledge and understanding becomes embedded in children’s long term memory.  For details of this see the document below ‘Keevil CofE Academy French Knowledge and Skills Progression’.

We make sure our French Curriculum is rooted in the vision and ethos of the school, through ensuring that as well as delivering language knowledge and skills lessons also develop the Keevil Characteristics:

Children learn knowledge about French language, culture, customs and country. They develop their communication and teamwork skills through having dialogues with one another, practising their language and grammar. Children show resilience through learning new knowledge and skills, and putting these into practice through conversation and written work. They develop their problem-solving skills through learning to translate from one language into another. Finally the children have the opportunity to further their diligence by producing work to the best of their ability.


French is taught every week to each class based on our curriculum below, which is specifically designed to allow all children to access the language and to enable Year 6 pupils to transition smoothly and continue to develop their language skills at secondary school.  French lessons start for our children when they are in YR, and continue throughout the time in KS1 and KS2.

We cover a wide variety of different topics and all children are encouraged to join in with speaking activities. Lessons are planned to encourage all learners to benefit and enjoy the subject and include many different styles of tasks such as smart board activities, stories in French, role play and games.

Children are eager to participate in front of the whole class and demonstrate their newly acquired skills. From Year 3, pupils are given exercise books to record vocabulary, try written tasks and enhance their learning of the language.


Through the delivery of our curriculum children are equipped with knowledge and understanding about the French language, culture, customs and country.  They develop their verbal skills such that they can communicate with increasing confidence and fluency.  They are challenged to read and write accurately in a foreign language.  They are enthused to want to know more about other languages, countries and peoples, and have the foundations to pursue further study as they get older.