This is an image of 2 pupils on the school grounds

Being a Church School

Keevil CofE Academy has been operating as a school for the children of Keevil and surrounding villages for over 150 years. 

It was set up by the Church of England as a Voluntary Aided school.  We remain true to this original foundation today, with the fact that our school is a Church School lying at the very heart of all decisions we make and everything we do.

Our vision for the school is rooted in the parable of the Good Samaritan and the quote “Always treat others as you would like to be treated” Matthew 7:12. Our Mission page explains this in more detail. 

From this come our school values which we call  the ‘Keevil Characteristics’ and they are: 

Resilience Learning Diligence
Problem-solving Teamwork Communication


We chose these values as the way to enable all our children to become Good Samaritans, and to show our commitment to service as was shown by the Good Samaritan.

We view our curriculum as everything that we do in school for our children and community.  Our vision and values form the foundation of this.  For more information about this see Our Curriculum page.

The school joined the Acorn Education Trust in July 2016, as a means of ensuring the long-term success of the school.  We are now part of a community that is invested in us, and that provides the support and challenge that enables the school to thrive.  The Acorn Education Trust contains a high proportion of Church Schools, and therefore is a community within which we can co-operate and collaborate enabling us to enhance our effectiveness as a Church School as well.

The vision of the Acorn Education Trust is similarly rooted in service through its Foundations for Excellence: Active and visible leadership; Care, support and challenge; Opportunities for all; Readiness to reach out; Needs of all are paramount.  The Trust is committed to ensure that each school, and therefore each member of staff and student thrives.  Therefore its drive for excellence comes from an ethos of “always treating others as you would like to be treated”.  Therefore the vision of the school and the Trust are closely aligned.