At Keevil CofE Academy we see History as the study of events over time. It covers how the past influences our way of life today and shapes our customs and beliefs. History helps children to make sense of the world in which they live and develop an identity.

Our curriculum is organised as a progression which facilitates the re-visiting of learning through recurrent themes, such that knowledge and understanding becomes embedded in children’s long term memory.  For details of this see the document below ‘Keevil CofE Academy History Knowledge and Skills Progression’.

Research has shown that the size of a child’s vocabulary is the best predictor of their success in their future education (Why Closing the Word Gap Matters: Oxford Language Report, 2018).  At Keevil CofE Academy we also know that a good understanding of a wide range of vocabulary supports success across the whole national curriculum.  Therefore pupils are systematically taught new vocabulary to support their learning in all subjects.  For details of this in History see the document below ‘Keevil CofE Academy History Vocabulary Progression’.

We ensure our History Curriculum is rooted in the vision and ethos of the school, through ensuring that as well as delivering scientific knowledge and skills lessons also develop the Keevil Characteristics:

Children learn knowledge about people and periods from the past, and understanding of the impact and consequences of actions and events.  They develop their communication and team-work skills through researching, discussing, working and presenting with others. Children show resilience through learning new skills and exploring times that have been challenging for others.  They develop their problem-solving skills through learning to critically evaluate sources and evidence and determine their own interpretation of the past.  Finally the children have the opportunity to further their diligence by producing work and displaying their findings to the best of their ability.


At Keevil CofE Academy History is taught in a range of ways to help all learners engage with the subject.  This includes, role play, practical activates and investigations using texts and IT. We also go on class visits to such places as The Fleet Air Arm Museum, Bristol Museum, SS Great Britain to name but a few. We also hold themed weeks where the whole school becomes immersed in a period of history.

History is delivered through specific units of work, as well as by exploring and developing links and topics that children encounter in their learning of other subjects.  The ‘Keevil CofE Academy History Curriculum Overview’ below, shows how these are carefully mapped to ensure that the National Curriculum is successfully delivered in a way that builds on prior knowledge and promotes long-term retention of learning.

All teaching in the school follows our Teaching and Learning non-negotiables and expectations to ensure a high standard of provision.


Through the delivery of our curriculum children are equipped with knowledge and understanding about people, events and contexts from a range of historical periods from both Britain and abroad.  They develop a respect for historical evidence and the ability to use this critically to evaluate, support and challenge their own and others’ interpretations and views.  They are challenged to formulate and refine lines of enquiry so they can skilfully explore the past.  They are enthused to want to know more about the past, and see the relevance of this to understanding the world and people today.