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School Curriculum

Keevil CofE Academy Mission Statement

'We presume children to achieve their very best. Children will leave this school as the very best readers, mathematicians and writers they can be, combined with an understanding of health and fitness in mind and body. This can only happen if a love of learning for learning sake is fostered. This happens through great teachers and other school staff who are motivated, challenged and valued'


We view our curriculum as everything we offer and provide within school for our children, covering the academic and beyond (see our Curriculum Vision and Curriculum Statement below). 

Our curriculum is rooted in our vision and ethos which arise from the parable of the Good Samaritan, and Jesus' teaching to "Always treat others as you would like to be treated." (Matthew 7:12).  In the story of the Good Samaritan we come to understand how someone reached out and gave all he could to someone to whom he could have turned his back.  This underpins everything we do and are in the school.

From this foundation come our values, or 'Keevil Characteristics' of Resilience, Diligence, Problem-Solving, Communication, Learning and Team-Work. Whatever activity or lesson the children are engaged in, we are endeavouring to develop these characteristics within them.

Our vision, ethos and values form the platform from which we develop and deliver our curriculum. 

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Our academic curriculum arises from the National Curriculum, as specified by the government.  We organise this knowledge into a cumulative and sequential progression, such that children re-visit key concepts and facts throughout their time with us, to secure understanding and retention in all subject areas.  These Knowledge and Skills Progressions can be viewed on each subject's page.  We also endeavour to ensure we provide a depth and breadth to our children's learning through visits, trips and visitors to school.


Due to our mixed-age classes we operate a 2 year curriculum cycle.  This is carefully mapped out to ensure coverage of the National Curriculum expectations, and to emphasise links within and between subjects.  This helps to ensure a depth and retention of knowledge. Our Curriculum Maps can be viewed below.

But we also look to provide beyond the scope of the National Curriculum, such that we help our children to develop an understanding of their own wellbeing; give them opportunities to grow personally and spiritually; and encourage an outlook that reaches out to the community beyond our school.


Through everything we do, every day in school, we are aiming to equip our children with what they specifically need to achieve their potential and succeed.  Meaning that children will leave this school as the very best readers, mathematicians and writers they can be, as well as with a strong foundation of knowledge and skills in all other subjects of the National Curriculum (science, RE, history, geography, art, music, DT, computing, French and PE).  This is combined with an understanding of health and fitness in mind, body and spirit, and a love of learning that will last for their lifetime.  They will also understand and display the Keevil Characteristics of Resilience, Diligence, Problem-Solving, Communication, Learning and Team-Work in all they do.  This means children leave us ready for the challenges they will face in secondary school and life beyond.

All work we undertake to develop and improve our curriculum is scaffolded and supported, reviewed and evaluated by the Acorn Education Trust.  For more information see the ‘Acorn Education Trust Curriculum Principles’ below.

If you wish to find out anything more about our curriculum please get in touch with us through one of the ways shown on the Contact page.