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Academy Council

The Academy Council operates as a sub-committee of The Acorn Education Trust Board of Trustees.

As a member of the Academy Council their role is to both support and challenge the school by asking questions to help investigate how the school is progressing. 

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 Much like a Governing Body, the Academy Council’s role is to:

  • Ensure your children learn in a safe environment and to the maximum of their ability
  • Ensure clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
  • Hold the Head to account for the educational performance of the Academy and its students
  • Promote the safety and wellbeing of students including behaviour, discipline and attendance.

name role

Mrs Hannah Wright

Co-Chair of Academy Council

Mr Ben Gunstone

Co-Chair of Academy Council

Mrs Lindsey Hermon

Head Teacher

Mrs Maria O'Brien

Academy Councillor

Ms Joscelyne Shaw

Academy Councillor

Mr Ian Firth

Academy Councillor

Rev Jake Eggertsen

Academy Councillor

Mr Ollie McAninch

Academy Councillor